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Hire Softonix - your trusted web development partner!

CEO of Softonix

Andriy Khrobak

Hire Softonix!

Why choosing a full-cycle web development company is a good idea?

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get a robust web application for your business. It truly doesn’t matter if you only have an idea or a mockup, fully ready designs, or even a working prototype - our Vue.js and Node.js engineers as well as Project Managers with 7+ years of professional experience are here for you.

For your every demand, there is our professional supply.

In Softonix, we love complex tasks that need our attention, and we are willing to work with intricate systems that require a sophisticated architectural approach. No matter what it’s - Startup SaaS or Enterprise CRM - our team is ready to provide you with high-quality solutions for:

Wrapping your idea - it’s up to you and your budget to choose among a customized solution, MVP, a full development cycle from scratch. In any case, our Project Managers can be with you from day one to discuss your goals and all the requirements to Live your project.

Project architecture - after reviewing your technical demands, we build a team of our tech leads from front-end, back-end, and DevOps departments to provide you with up-to-date market-based solutions.

Full maintenance - wondering how can you keep your bar high after a Live stage or MVP launch? You definitely won’t bother yourself with that when you are hiring our full-stack developers.

Demand for outsourcing and outstaffing development services - we can easily arrange a group of dedicated experts that can take on any project and become your trusted development partner as well as a smooth extension of your existing team.

We are strong in:

Softonix is applying the most recent development technologies like Vue.js, Node.js,, AWS to take full advantage of the web capabilities for interacting with users. Take a closer look at our areas of expertise to get an in-depth vision of how Softonix may be useful for your business:

Front-end development - Vue.js

Our main focus in highly competitive front-end development is Vue.js - JavaScript framework for building robust Single Page Applications on the client-side and Server Side Rendering via Nuxt.js. For the last 5 years, we gathered world-class experience in writing Vue.js apps, built more than 50 complex projects, and we are proud of our choice. 

What Vue.js solves? The best answer is to quote Marina Mosti, industry expert, and educator:

“We want to make applications that are very performant, they have a great user experience, you are not waiting for page refreshes – it flows, like if you were using a desktop application.”

Today Vue.js has the largest community among other frameworks like React or Angular getting more than 176k start on Github, which means your application will be easy to maintain for a long time. Hire the best Vue.js developers from Softonix.

Back-end development - Node.js

Softonix’s favorite in back-end development is Node.js - a highly-performant server environment whose main feature is speed, as your server works in an infinite loop - providing blazing-fast reaction to any incoming request. By sharing a single JavaScript programming language between the front-end and back-end, our engineers are capable of building the most efficient complex solutions.

In a short period, you can get onboard our best Node.js developers who build applications focusing on swiftness, responsiveness, and stability. Set your requirements, and before long, you will receive top-notch professionals capable of creating a robust back-end part to power the functionality you seek to achieve. 

Design UI/UX - Figma

Familiarity with the most recent design trends and technologies, creative minds, talent, vast experience in building user interfaces help Softonix UI/UX Designers create an attractive & practical design for your new product, as well as optimize and brighten up your current one. To achieve this, we incorporate the best tool - Figma, which allows us to design, prototype, and gather feedback all in one.

DevOps Engineering - AWS

Proficient knowledge of AWS Cloud Solutions (EC2, S3, ELB, Cloudwatch, Lambda, DynamoDB) opens access to automated deployments, flawless continuous delivery to speed up the whole development process, setup automation testing, development, and production infrastructure that corresponds to the latest web standards of security and performance.

Quality assurance -

Our specialists incorporate a modern testing framework - to perform robust End to End automation tests coverage for web applications to find and remove defects before they even get to production, reducing the overall cost of development.

Project management - Agile

How do we ensure that your project runs smoothly and that we deliver the end product on time and within budget? We do this through a highly efficient project management process for creating digital products that are flexible and tailored specifically to bring value to your business. We embrace Agile and Scrum, with a strong emphasis on transparency and the importance of individuals and interactions, of collaboration and responding to change.

Get competent IT projects cost estimation and cost control, understand your project execution timeline via a waterfall chart provided by experienced technical project managers oriented at leading every project to success. Achieve more effective communication on your project through smart prioritization of tasks and efficient planning of resources supplemented by proper task management via Agile or SCRUM methodologies.

Still in doubt?

To deprive you of any hesitancy, read the reviews on Clutch and Upwork from our recent customers. Spoiler alert - we got 5.0 and 100% Job Success, so you don't even have to waste your precious time and should jump right into filling the form. Our managers will contact you in 24 hours.

You know what’s good for your project, but we can help you turn good into best. With the right team, it’s possible to build your website from scratch or improve customers’ interaction with your platform while delivering all the objectives. Be smart - get a free IT consultation from top-notch specialists at Softonix!


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