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Why Nuxt3 is the best tech for your business success?

Kate Koptsyukh

  • Marketing Manager at Softonix
  • 8/22/2022
  • 2 min 44 sec

With this article, we would like to start a series of stories on the successful usage of the latest cutting-edge technologies in web and mobile development. In this one, Softonix focuses on Nuxt.js 3.0 - The Hybrid Vue.js framework for the web. We spent enough time testing and using it in our projects, giving us the right to provide self-proven feedback.

As the framework owners say, Nuxt.js 3.0 has been re-architected with a smaller core and optimized for faster performance and better developer experience, making web development simple and powerful.

These are the following three main features of Nuxt 3 (but we would rather call them advantages) that the Softonix team would like to emphasize on:

  • Cost-efficiency (will your business finally be able to stop sacrificing quality for a low price tag?);

  • Better performance (would you like to get a blazing fast product?);

  • Greater Developer Velocity (and why it's the most crucial point of all?).

Let's dive deep into these characteristics and their meaning for your business.


Your time is money, and we all learned it by heart. In addition, web development could be pricey, depending on your needs. Using Nuxt 3, you got an optimized cold start with dynamic server code-splitting, powered by nitro, and a faster build time with a smaller bundle size, with no configuration required. It collects the entire power of modern web tools and helps engineers to focus on business requirements rather than routine work. 

Simply put, it reduces the development time, directly affecting your project's budget. And a quicker deployment of changes, in turn, impacts your competitive advantages. Basically, you get a double-win situation - less money on development and more money from your customers when leading the market. Softonix has been providing this advantage for our clients for the past six months. Become one of them and feel the difference tomorrow!

Better performance

Did you know that in 2021 Renault managed to get a 14% decrease in bounce rate and a 13% increase in conversions by simply improving website performance for 1 second only? Or you have probably heard about Amazon's story - every 100 milliseconds (1/10th of a second) of latency costs 1% of their sales. Softonix can't accentuate enough - the faster your website, the deeper engagement for your customers, which leads to higher conversion. One of the main features of Nuxt 3 is its much faster performance. Proven by our front-end department on three different projects, including Softonix website renovation:

Знімок екрана 2022-08-22 о 16.38.33.png

As you can see above, from the PageSpeed Insights data, a desktop version of our website meets Google's performance and speed standards, with 99% as the page's simulated performance. Pretty good, huh?

Greater Developer Velocity

McKinsey & Company in their recent research on reasons why software excellence fuels business performance, introduced a new term - Developer Velocity saying that "companies in the top quartile of the Developer Velocity Index outperform others in the market by four to five times”. Industry leaders define this term as the empowerment of developers, creating the right environment for them to innovate, and removing friction points. Tools for planning, collaboration, development, and DevOps significantly impact Developer Velocity and are essential to overall business performance. According to this research, best-in-class development tools (including cutting-edge technologies, where Nuxt 3 is one of them) are the top contributor to business success - enabling greater productivity, visibility, and coordination.

The ability to access relevant tools for each stage of the software life cycle contributes to developer satisfaction. Yet, only 5 percent of executives recognized this link and ranked tools among their top-three software enablers. 

Softonix team strongly recommends considering our experience of using advanced technologies as well as the in-depth survey of senior executives at 400+ large enterprises, 100+ expert interviews, and extensive external research powered by McKinsey & Company. Become one of these 5% of companies and unleash the full potential of your business performance now.

If you are still in doubt, read our recent customers' reviews on Clutch and Upwork or fill in the contact form to get a free consultation from Softonix representatives.

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