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How Softonix helps to grow and automate German businesses

Kate Koptsyukh

  • Marketing Manager at Softonix
  • 3/8/2023
  • 4min 49sec

Softonix has made a substantial contribution to the DACH IT market. In this article, we will consider the top three success stories of our clients’ scalability, specifically from Germany, and describe our role as a trusted development partner for stable business growth and automation.

Throughout the years, Softonix has been working on multiple projects around the globe - from Singapore to Los Angeles, from The UK to Germany. Indeed, the cultural factors and the ways of communication differed. Still, the one thing that is mutual for all our projects - is our perception of the client’s business goals, a strong sense of responsibility on our developers’ shoulders, keeping transparency with a client, using our best practices and industry insights along with providing a quality product no matter the circumstances. 

The philosophy behind the services we provide is very clear - you can make a successful product on your own, but Softonix will double your chances (read how we are doing this). Let’s dive deep into our real-life examples of how we have done it three times already.

Wawibox (marketplace)

One of our most dedicated projects based in Heidelberg, Germany, that Softonix started working on back in 2017 when we became their technical partner for website development from scratch using Vue.js and Nuxt.js.


Wawibox is an open marketplace and supply management system that allows users to search for dental supplies and compare prices. Both systems are cross-linked with each other. A great highlight of the open marketplace is a cart optimizer. A smart assistant helps you to save money on each order by combining the best deals, free shipping, and discounts. Once products are ordered within the open marketplace, you can track their delivery and availability, conduct full stock and storage management and get notifications about reorder points.


When it all started, we tried to fill content positions for highly-professional and self-organized front-end developers that Wawibox was searching for. Since then, our responsibilities as a development team have multiplied, as well as customer satisfaction, and our timeline of provided services looks like this now:

  • 2018 - 2021 - working with the original marketplace

  • 2021 - today - rewriting the inventory management system with a new design and technology

  • 2022 - today - rewriting the old marketplace with unique design and technology


How does Wawibox like the experience of working with Softonix:

«Softonix team is business savvy, reliable, and independent; they think for themselves and provide ideas. Moreover, they manage the project well, delivering on time and communicating effectively.

They try to understand what's behind our wishes and ideas so they can continuously challenge us with questions. There's never any pressure working with them, which helps increase trust over time. Together we've built a strong foundation on this project for the following years.»


Rewriting such a huge project with new technologies takes time but produces significant benefits. Our main KPIs for this project were performance and SEO visibility. As a result of using Nuxt.js as a foundation technology, we were able to achieve these KPIs easily, getting the website to blazing-fast speed, great UX, better google crawling, and as a result - fast growth in new visitors’ amount.

Find out what we can do for you! Contact us.

LagerSoft (mobile application)

LagerSoft is a seasonal tire inventory management application for our German client - ZeitMechanik from Düsseldorf.


It is a cross-platform (iOS/Android) Flutter-based application that relies on a camera module. The application automates the end-to-end tire storage process. It also simplifies the audit process by introducing QR-code reading abilities and robust data flow to help mechanics keep up with their day-to-day work more efficiently.


Softonix started working on this project in October 2022 in a team of three - Delivery Manager, Flutter executor, and Project Manager (the services of the latter are completely free of charge), all of whom have a problem-solution approach and work only with data-driven insights.


Client's word-to-word feedback:

«I'm more than happy with the work you're doing. The communication is efficient. Thus, you're delivering the product on time. Glad to know that I can rely on your technical expertise whenever I need it so that I can focus more on the business side of things.»

Let us worry about your project from a technical point of view, and you focus on growing your business! Get a free consultation now.


The challenge behind the development of such an application is to make the right accent on processes that should be automated. The tire-storing business requires a lot of data to be saved and processed to keep each department up-to-date with the latest entries. As a result of using Flutter as a core technology, we were able to achieve these goals on both iOS and Android platforms, getting the application that automates all the most necessary manual processes, such as the input of client's data, management of storage spaces, and ability to quickly create a new delivery or pick-up requests with a minimalistic yet efficient UI.

AMALYTIX (software as a service)

AMALYTIX, based in Köln, is an Amazon software-as-a-service tool that supports sellers and vendors in monitoring their sales activities on the marketplace.


The platform allows users to gain more visibility into products' performance, monitor and analyze crucial numbers such as pricing, best seller rank, valuations, and sales figures. It warns them when a product is out of stock, or a negative review is received - all the relevant information is needed to grow sellers' profit performance. AMALYTIX covers both Europe and North America and provides powerful insights and data across all marketplaces.


The project started in August 2021 with the main request to replace the existing application with a new, performant, and highly-scalable web platform. The biggest contribution was provided by our Architect/Delivery Manager, two Vue.js Executors, and a Project Manager.


Since the beginning of cooperation, Softonix has repeatedly received positive responses considering our provided services:

"Thanks for the great year, a lot of accomplishments. You have great communication skills, which we appreciate. We are happy, keeping in mind all the circumstances."


While going through the discovery phase, our team analyzed the legacy application and its customers’ feedback, as our goal was to recreate existing functionality and add more to it by using the latest technologies to supply the performance and scalability aspects. As an output, we implemented a robust and future-proof application using Vue 3, which serves as an all-round tool to monitor your Amazon activities and receive intelligent alerts. The web app can handle the huge data flow and provides its users with an effective UX to address their needs.

With the years passing by, our clients changing, new markets explored, team growing stronger, bigger challenges accepted, and new technologies mastered, Softonix's main idea hasn't changed - to remain a full-cycle web & mobile development partner who takes care of your product as much as you do. And to bring trust and technologies to empower your growth. 

The above-described projects for the German market have proved that Softonix can constantly provide you with quality and efficiency to meet your business goals. Now it's your turn - to choose the path of change and contact our project manager for a free consultation.

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