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Softonix success stories: The Lead Marketplace

Kate Koptsyukh

  • Marketing Manager at Softonix
  • 12/20/2021
  • 1 min 50 sec

The Lead Marketplace - another successful case at Softonix Happy Moments (an article series that recognizes the provided work of the Softonix development team for our clients).

About the client

The Lead Marketplace - is a platform for buying and selling a business lead (or sales lead - a person interested in the product or service you sell) in a variety of industries. It is a powerful tool that, in the future, will be an excellent addition to the work of sales departments and individual entrepreneurs in Northern America and around the world. Its beneficial peculiarity is that the customer can: 

  • be both a buyer and a seller in one person;

  • has a possibility to buy/ sell either one lead or a group of leads

  • while also being capable of issuing a refund order with 100% reimbursement in case the lead happened to be problematic (wrong category/ inappropriate contact details, etc.).

All of the above mentioned distinguishes The Lead Marketplace from its competitors on the market, who are mostly trying to sell leads without worrying about the quality of the final result.


The Lead Marketplace platform screenshot

The development process

The project, which seemed to have all the familiar features at the first glance, became a kind of test for both the front and the back specialists since the client and our development team wholly aligned on the goal of being very meticulous, even to the minor details. Despite this, Softonix engineers managed to complete a complex project within a limited timeframe and budget while still executing a high level of professionalism and providing quick answers to all client’s questions during the development process.

Technologies used: Vue.js 3/TypeScript, Element Plus, TailwindCSS, and Node.js (NestJS)/PostgreSQL.


It is always a pleasure to be recognized for providing to the client more than he expected, regardless of the occurring limitations on the way. 

Softonix’s workflow estimation by Matthew Jarovits, Co-Founder of The Lead Marketplace:

“I was beginning to get frustrated with the talent on Upwork until I finally found the Softonix team. I came to them with a complex project and a limited budget, but their team was able to find a way to complete what I needed & stay within a reasonable price. Their professionalism was second to none, and I always received a response whenever I had any questions. They worked with me to the best of their ability, and my project ended up coming out better than expected. I will continue to work with Softonix for further enhancements and would recommend anyone to try their services. I can assure you: you will not be disappointed by the results.”

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