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Softonix success stories: HCM software

Kate Koptsyukh

Kate Koptsyukh

Success story - leader in HCM software

Introducing our new column at the blog - Softonix Happy Moments, which recognizes the joint work of our clients and Softonix development team. And we are thrilled to start it with one of the most significant (thus, anonymous) projects at the moment.

About the client

A leader of Human Capital Management (HCM) software for the automotive industry. It provides all the tools to increase employee engagement, eliminate paperwork, improve HR processes, and reduce the risk for health & safety programs. 

The product is growing rapidly and has more than 20,000 users in its local market. Given this success, the client is focused on continuous investment and active development and increasing its influence in the US market as well, using all the experience and absolute understanding of business processes.

Problem & our provided solution

At a particular stage of its growth and scaling the platform's functionality, the client's team was faced with the required significant additions and correction of severe errors in the architecture of a product. The Softonix team worked to help create a platform from scratch with a well-thought-out architecture and the ability to add functionality modularly and, at the request of the client, to add a lot of new features, including a complete redesign of the platform.


Softonix Front-End team of this project

The development process

A lot has been accomplished since the beginning of the project, which started in April 2021. To make it all happen, more than 12 people from all over the world are currently working on this product:

  • Core team (C-Suite) and back-end developers in customer's country and abroad,

  • Front-end department from Eastern European countries, where the Softonix team, consisting of 4 people (Architect, Senior Engineer, two Middle Engineers), provides the best price-time-quality ratio while listening to the client's needs & suggesting what is beneficial for the business.

For instance, our team offered to use a relatively new version of Vue.js framework (Vue.js 3.0), which has not only allowed us to do our job more efficiently but also to go beyond and above paying attention to the smallest details.

Technologies used in the project:

  • Front-end: Vue 3.0, Typescript, Tailwind;

  • Back-end: C#, .NET, OData.

Softonix is proud of

We genuinely believe that the final result will be better than expected since it's a fully-fledged developed mini framework based on the needs of this one client. That is also an ideal project for the professional development of each member due to:

  • Testing our capability to work with the rest of the team and still getting the most from the communication and work done;

  • having dedicated discussions with responsible parties on a daily basis;

  • adopting to any sort of rapid changes on the local market or the needs of the new market;

  • making sure the Softonix team is on the same page with the client via frequent microsyncs and discussions on the business components of the system;

  • providing a centralized preparation for work.

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