B2B E-commerce marketplace and supply management system

Wawibox is a B2B open marketplace and supply management system that allows users to search for dental supplies and compare prices. Both systems are cross-linked with each other.

6 months

to renovate & launch product from scratch

80 %

faster application load time

30 %

reduction of maintenance efforts

Сompany representative

Angelo Cardinale

CEO & Founder of Wawibox


E-Commerce, Healthcare


Heidelberg, Germany


Front-end developers4
Delivery manager1
Project manager1


"Softonix team is business savvy, reliable, and independent; they think for themselves and provide ideas. Moreover, they manage the project well, delivering on time and communicating effectively." quote

Project Overview

A great highlight of the open marketplace is a smart cart optimizer that combines the best deals, free shipping, and discounts. You can also track product delivery and availability, conduct full stock and storage management and get notifications about reorder points.


Process Timeline

Order and timing of key milestones

When it all started, we tried to fill content positions for highly-professional and self-organized front-end developers that Wawibox was searching for. Since then, our responsibilities as a development team have multiplied:


- Started Frontend work on original Open Marketplace for Dental supply based on Vue.js framework.

- In 15 weeks the MVP version of OMP was released live and got first user traction.


- Project moved to maintenance phase with small UX improvements based on user’s feedback.


- Started work on Wawibox PRO. Increased the team size to 3 FE Engineers.

- Stock management application for dental offices using Vue.js 3 version.

- Increased the team size to 3 FE Engineers.


- Released first MVP version of Wawibox PRO after 6 months of work from scratch.

- Reworked Open Marketplace from scratch using Server Side Rendering with Nuxt 3 (Vue.js + Node.js) and Algolia as search engine.

- Project is fully optimized for SEO and web crawlers.


- Ongoing work for both Wawibox PRO and Wawibox OMP projects.

Result & Top Features

Most significant project achievements

Rewriting such a huge project with new technologies takes time but produces significant benefits. As a result of using Nuxt.js as a foundation technology, we were able to achieve these KPIs easily:

- Better SEO visibility
- Blazing-fast speed of the website
- Great UX
- Better google crawling
- Fast growth in new visitors’ amount

Price comparison

helps buyers find the best offer

Smart cart optimizer

allows to get savings from each purchase

Advanced Supply Management System

allows to get savings from each purchase

Wawibox has now a brand-new and future-proof platform made with scalability in mind.

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